As part of my work in CERTH/ITI, I developed a tool that disrupt event management by allowing organizers to control their online and mobile content easily and timely. Not only in the critical pre-event phase but also during the event when time and access to as many event participants as possible is of paramount importance, organizers are able to manage their content easily and publish it in real time in the app and website by themselves.

Being available via a web interface Event Management System accelerates design, development and management of a mobile app and especially its content. The platform is designed following the principles of simplicity, user-friendliness and interoperability. Whether it is speakers, exhibitors, artists or films Event Management System provides the tools to ensure that information flows seamlessly from any database or registration system through to an event app.

This system supported big events in Greece and Europe.

Tools & techniques:  HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, RESTful API, JSON, Bootstrap, jQuery, Kendo UI Core, Google Maps API, 

I developed a RESTful API in PHP using Slim Framework. The API handles all the CRUD Operations in order to "speak" with the MySQL Database in which all the data of the system are stored.  This API is the backbone of the system, because it connects back-end, front-end and mobile applications. The API has been documented using Swagger. For the back-end development I used Kendo UI Core, Bootstrap, jQuery, Google Maps API and other modern open source techniques in order to make content management as simple and quick as possible.